4 great soap bubble ideas for summer fun in the garden.

She cuts the bottle and puts a sock over it. A stroke of genius! 4 great DIY ideas around soap bubbles for summer fun in the garden. #diy #soap bubbles #children #garden

I am so excited, our little person is soon celebrating his first birthday. It is traditionally always very big in our family …

Tinker hobby horse, made of felt, with template for download. That was the hit on the children's birthday with the motto horse party ❤️. Everything about the party, including games and the mega-sweet invitation can be found on my blog.

Grow a crystal yourself – and then from sugar? Works! How, GEOlino tells you. # sugar # crystal # crystal growing # recipe

Games for children from 4 years of age for the children's birthday (birthday games) or the play group, kindergarten, …

Large baby group, children's birthday present – # Check more at spiel.pinfuture.c …

Make musical instruments for children yourself from upcycling materials quickly and easily #music #children #kindergarten #crafts #diy


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