Tinker paper flowers: Tinker flowers with children

Tinker paper flowers: simple instructions for a flower wall decoration

This craft idea for kindergarten is the eye-catcher when running the lantern! Made quick and easy, with step-by-step instructions – this is how the Rainbow Lantern tinker with children! A homemade lantern for the parade of lanterns for the St. Martins Festival #lantern #crafts #simple

heard craft – #Craft #heard

Project Halloween and witch kindergarten and daycare ideas

Zirkus Kindergeburtstag (rental) from myKinderparty on

Handprint horse

Jellyfish in a bottle

Indians – property index

Our homemade soap bubbles are always great fun … | ♥ Sweet apples – creative family blog ♥

You throw wooden stems into the pot and cook them. What comes of it is THE surprise for kids.


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